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need to get materials to match in color/wood grain

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Working on modeling the interior worship room in a church. The barrel ceiling is Linwood III with a 3/4" spacing on 5" planks; the wainscot is oak w / 5" vertical pieces of wood, the pews are oak, the doors match the color of the least in real life. When rendered, the barrel ceiling becomes one surface instead of what it is, as does the wainscot.

How do I get my interior materials to show approximately the same color; see rendering attached and the variation in color. The wainscot wall is a complex profile and originally was a dark color, have tried to change color, but it will not change when rendered, is there another setting I can't find. It seems strange to me that the same material "oak" when applied to various surfaces, i.e. door, wainscot (complex profile) doesn't look the same

If you notice the doors/walls next to them, both should be the same color, but the wainscot color will not change for me, remains dark...should I toss out that profile and create a new one? with the lighter oak color?

Made the chandeliers with the profile tool.

This work is being done in AC16

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