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smoked glass effect?

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I'm trying to get a smoked glass that I created to go darker in the CineRender engine.
It looks fine in open gl and internal, but when I try to match settings either way or change values
to get the glass to appear darker in CineRender it goes black & opaque or so clear the smoked
effect is virtually nonexistent. There doesn't seem to be an in between with this. Very frustrating..

I've added a rendering produced with CineRender showing the problem I'm having.
The shelves in the corners and the vertical piece between the counter top and wood shelf are
supposed to be a transparent yet darker shade of smoked glass. They are rendering as opaque matte black.
The vertical piece is to simulate sliding frameless smoked glass panels. There is lighting recessed in the wood shelf above just behind the glass and bottles sitting on the counter. The idea is to be able to see
the bottles if the LED lighting rope in there is on and not so much if it's off.

Okay, after a lot of effort I believe I've got it (see last attachment)
So many settings there must be many millions of combinations.
Must change one thing at a time and hope it's going to be noticable.

This is as dark as "I" can get the glass without it turning opaque matte black.

Thanks for any help on this.


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