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I am creating an Abbreviations list and it is quite long

I am wondering if there is a quick way to simply place my abbreviations on a worksheet and then on the layout sheet place the worksheet and using the handles - resize the box and have the text adjust its width by resizing the object (window).

or is there a way to add columns to the text - either way, i just want to be able to resize the list of abbreviations to fit the layout sheet and not copy multiple text windows and copy paste around to get the desired height

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Hi vango
Don't know if this will help, but what I do is have my abbreviations in a word.doc (with 3 columns like yours) and use pdf995 to make a pdf of it.
Then simply File>External Content>"place external drawing" onto layout.
You can adjust size easily.
Whenever I update my word file and re update my abbreviations pdf it auto updates the layout.

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