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texts and 2d lines on internal elevations on 2nd storey


hey all


i have a double storey house and i changed the storey height on ground floor. on first floor i have couple of internal elevations markers and already drawn with dimensions and notation. what i noticed is after increasing

the texts and lines in RED are the ones that didnt lift up with the 2nd storey after the ceiling height increase of the ground floor. 

i know they are 2d lines but i never thought that internal markers dont deal with 2d items as part of a whole.

ive worked on differenet templates before with different companies and i never used to worry about 2d annotations and elements when updating ceiling height or some other stuff.

but now i cant get my head around this and how to fix it.

any help would be appreciated 


Andrii Levko

Hi Ahmad.

I think you should use Associative Labels for this.

Other 2D elements are independs from element position or Floor level. 

AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010
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Thanks mate.

Its weird because ive worked with other companies and i didnt have this issue.

I needes to change the overlay frame of the srawings as well i think this because there no zoning available but not sure about 2d. I think this had to do with the template setup

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