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transfer fly through setting to rendering software (enscape, twinm etc)

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hello, I drawing a precise fly through path in AC, and try some rendering software (enscape. twinmotion etc), but seems no way can transfer/synchronise this fly through track ...
any tutorial for these rendering softwares to export the fly through settings from AC?

I'm not sure it's possible. Twinmotion export plug-in does not have any additional settings, where would possible to choose to include cameras. Publisher does not have options to publish 3d in any formats apart of BIMx.

Is it possible to open 3ds file in Twinmotion? I think 3ds export from ArchiCAD exports cameras too.

Emre Senoglu
I couldn't quite test this out since I wasn't able to create a fly through, but I can confirm that TM can import 3ds files. I doubt you'll be able to send out paths in this manner to TM though (or lets say, I doubt TM will let you import camera paths), so don't hold your breath.
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