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using the cameras set in archicad in artlantis?

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hey, is there is a way that i can use the cameras that are already set in archicad to produce my video in artlantis so that i can benefit from the speed as well as the different rendering options? or do i have to produce a new video with the recording method in artlantis, thank you...

Your AC cameras will import into Artlantis, but I think you then select the cameras that will be included in the "path" and let Artlantis create the animation. In other words, I don't think the actual "path" gets imported.
Try it and see. ..or if you don't have Artlantis Studio, let me know and I will try it for you.
Pete Read
ArchiCAD 12; Artlantis Studio 2
MacBook Pro 2.4 Core2Duo, 2GB, OSX(10.5) and XPpro(SP3)

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no i do have it i just downloaded the program yesterday,
the camers do get imported but i couldn't manage to adjust my model as i want in the artlantis and then use the path of these cameras to do my video; i had to record a new path, so if it is possible that would great... thanks

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Once you've got Artlantis don't bother with AC cameras anymore, let Artlantis handle the rest of your rendering productions. You have to learn how to "use Reference file" in Artlantis so you could adjust your model and
maintain the same cameras and sequences.
Try tutorial movies its all explained...
Good luck!

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