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vector font (SHX) a bad idea?

We are in the midst of doing our first project on Archicad 24. We have been using Arial font up to this point as we are trying to do as little customization as possible on this first go around. Eventually, though, we would like to use a font that looks like old school handwritten drafting/lettering. Archicad allows us to choose the font we have been using since it is on our system, but I am pretty sure this is ever only a vector font (it's a .SHX file). It seems to work fine, but I gather from reading the forum that using a .SHX font might not be a good idea. So, questions are:
1) Is using a .SHX font a bad idea?
2) Any recommendations on a handwriting type of font that works well in ArchiCAD and is generally supported across programs/platforms? Is choosing any true type font fairly safe?
Slightly vague questions here because I'm not exactly sure what pitfalls may lay ahead....
Thank you!

We send out both DWG and PDF together. The PDF looks like it is supposed to look and the DWG can be used by those 3rd parties that need it for their drawings.

I think as soon as you start using 'leading', 'width' and 'spacing' in the text tool you end up with SHX files too, regardless of the font.

We use Arial as well, since it is default for many library parts (as you pointed out).
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

ArchiCAD 9-24 NED FULL
Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5

Thank you Erwin for the information.

Update: The font in question is listed as a true type font under the Font System Settings even though it is used as a .SHX file in the CAD program. So, we will give it a go with ArchiCAD and see what happens. Hope we don't regret it later!

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