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Cinerender Surfaces Problem

I'm running AC25 (3011) and have noticed a glitch with the Cineware Surfaces dialogue boxes. All of the preview images for Noise are black! The previous iteration of AC25 was fine. FYI, I have upgraded to Big Sur 11.6 which may be part of the problem...

Cinerender Surfaces - Noise preview.png

Automatic Drawing Issue Sheets

Has anyone here managed to successfully create an automatic drawing issue sheet? We like to do it in a grid like style so you can easily see previous issues and the current issue for each layout in the drawing set. The current setups are all a bit to...

Consolidating values to one property

I'm trying to create an ironmongery schedule which includes different element types (railings, windows, zones and objects). I would like to have two fields in the schedule - Length and Width/Height - and have the sizes of all the ironmongery elements...

Resolved! help with plan visibility questions

1) Roof Outlines - I want to see a dashed outline of the roof eave from the floor immediately beneath the roof, but a solid line for any view from above. The Pivot Line for Single Slope roofs seems to always be solid. If I set Outlines to be Dashed, ...

proto by Booster
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Viewer Stories

Inside of stories settings it doesnt appear the model display for apply uniform surfaces to the CUT ELEMENT in general, besides this settings still appears at the section settings and elevations. Settings at sections settingsI hope i will recived a s...


Coinciding element outlines

What is considered the best method to dealing with coinciding lines ? The example below is from documentation for an extension where the roof's outline coincides with a wall's cutline - creating an unwanted result.


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How to Fillet/Chamfer a Polyline

This is one of those handy tips can save a lot of time to newcomers. Instead of the tedious job of exploding your polyline to fillet with arcs, follow the below steps: select the polyline pick a corne...


Quick Graphical Quality Checks with Archicad

With the improved Graphic Overrides now RGB colors can be selected for Background Fill Pens and 3D surfaces in Graphic Override rules. This way, you do not have to create separate pens and surfaces wi...


Seamless Collaboration with MEP Engineers

The Opening Tool now enables precise quantity estimations by offering the possibility to create polygonal openings in any 2D or 3D views - the Magic wand functionality can be used in the process as we...


Accurate Schedules and Quantity Takeoffs with Archicad

Archicad 25 introduces new properties for more accurate component Lists. You could schedule only the net value of component areas and component volumes in earlier versions: the holes were always subtr...