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Stair flight numbers in section

There are two ways to label stairs in a section: manually (one by one) or automatically. The manual way is to use the Label Tool, find the Stair Riser Step Index and Stair Tread Step Index from the favorites, which are included in the default Archica...

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How to change the dimensioning units by view

Is it possible to set two dimensioning methods in ARCHICAD in one project? - asked on FacebookThis question can be interpreted many ways, let's summarise what we know about dimensioning, what we can and can't do. Setting up the units in the project F...


Expression-defined property labels

What is an expression? An expression is a mathematical phrase which combines numbers, variables and operators to show the value of something. Being introduced in AC22, expression-based properties can come in hand when we want to create custom propert...

How to place Angle Dimensions in ARCHICAD

The Angle Dimension tool can be found in the toolbox palette, under the “More” group of tools: Angle Dimensions display angle values: between a pair of lines or linear edges or the angle of a curved element NOTE: Angle dimensions are not available in...

Dimensioning issue with Composite Walls

Affected version: 22 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 247461, 248282 Issue: When migrating a project to ARCHICAD 22 Build 3004, in Composite Wall corner situations Dimensions placed to one layer of the composite might jump to another layer of ...

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Grid Elements in Elevation or Section

The Grid Tool in ARCHICAD allows elements placed in plan view to show in Elevation and Section. Enabling Grid Elements in Elevation or Section Select the elevation or section in the project map and click the settings button. In the Elevation/Section ...

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Pen Sets

NOTE: the available Pen Sets and their parameters can be different in every language version. In this case, this PEN SET theory doesn't apply to the U.S. version The Pens and Colors Settings Dialog is available in Options > Element Attributes > Pens ...

Info_18x18.png wp-content_uploads_2017_11_Pen-Set-table.png wp-content_uploads_archicadwiki_pen-sets--built-in_pensets.png wp-content_uploads_2017_11_columns-and-rows-1024x646.png

Why Dimensions and Zones can't be part of a group

You have probably noticed that Dimensions and Zones can't be part of a group but you were wondering why. This is because these elements almost always have relation to other elements (dimensions belong to walls or other elements, zones are relative to...

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Fonts/Characters - Troubleshooting Guide

Postscript Fonts are not displayed in PDF For this issue, please see the PDF Troubleshooting Guide Special Characters on Mac Affected version: 16 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 158311 NOTE: This issue was fixed in ARCHICAD 17 release version...

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