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2D Workplace from 3D Cutaway



I  am fairly new in Archicad and I am not able to get what (I think) it's a easy result:
I would like to extract to a 2D workplace the section shown by the 3D cutaway.
I have checked a couple of tutorial and posts, but I cannot get a new 2D workplace with the desired view 
I have also tried to add a new section from an existing View, but when I get the new Section Workplace, it is empty with nothing visible.
Any tip?
Thank you


2023-05-26 10_02_02-li211_pl_230523_WienStadioncenter+IFC - ARCHICAD 25 - __Remote.png2023-05-26 10_04_01-li211_pl_230523_WienStadioncenter+IFC - ARCHICAD 25 - __Remote.png2023-05-26 10_04_50-li211_pl_230523_WienStadioncenter+IFC - ARCHICAD 25 - __Remote.png

Archicad 25.0.0 
Windows Server 2019
Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5317 CPU @ 3.00GHz 32 GB

Barry Kelly

There is no such thing as horizontal sections (if that is what you are after).

They are simply floor plan views.

In your navigator, you will see all of the storeys, clicking each one will show the plan of that storey.

There is also a Floor Plan Cut Plane setting (in Document menu) that allows you to set the cut plane height in the floor plan view that will affect the view of elements that are height sensitive.



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Rubia Torres
Community Admin
Community Admin

You can also create a 3D document from an axonometry top view (3D cutaway activated):

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 14.20.56.png

But from your description, I believe Barry's recommendation will be more suitable.


Rubia Torres

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