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ARCHICAD 18 Revision Tool troubleshooting guide

Katalin Borszeki

Revision History library object, line spacing issue

Affected version: 18 | Severity: no workaround applicable | ID: 172837
Note: This issue was fixed in ARCHICAD 19 release version.
The line spacing of the Revision History object is lofty if one of the fields wrap down to the next line.
Mostly it is the ID field that ends up being longer than the default. Either adjust the length of the ID text or edit the default cell to be wider.  

Auto update drawings do not show current status of revision

Affected version: 18 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 174437
Note: This issue was fixed in ARCHICAD 18 Update 4020.  
The sheet does not automatically update even in the case of auto-update drawings, unless we navigate to the layout in question. Thus when a change happens, the layouts will not show the current status right away.
The update has to be "forced" with printing/publishing or a manual update.

<IssueID> autotext is replaced by <ChangeID> and evaluated, if a change does not have an associated Issue yet

Affected version: 18 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 176435
Note: This issue was fixed in ARCHICAD 18 Update 4020.
If an <IssueID> can not be evaluated yet - this happens when a Change does not have an associated Issue - the <IssueID> autotext picks up a Change value. The change value should not appear, instead an #IssueID placeholder text should appear in the autotext field in such a case.


Please consider that the planned workflow is to always create the Change first and the Issue only follows when the first submission is due. If the above workflow is in place, the Issue will always have the Changes associated with it!

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