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Change suffix of Zone value


Is there someone here who knows how to change the suffix/text after the value in a Zones value?

The standard is to display the zones area (in this example 33) and then add "m²" after it. I have a client who wants it to read "33 kvm". This is the extended word for square meter in swedish. Is there anyway to change the text after an automatic value like the area of the zone?


NOTE: I do NOT want to change the actual value (33) here in any way. I just want to replace the text after it from m² to kvm.


Anyone who knows how to edit the library part "Zonestamp 02 27"?

Is there anything I can do in propertys?




Operating system used: Windows


To sum up:

I managed to get it to work both via expressions as well as modifying the zone stamp object.

The suggestion to use a label would work as well even though I prefer to not use a separate object in addition to the zone.


I have accepted BOTH the expressions as well as Zone stamp-modifying as "accepted solutions".

Thank you all for your time and suggestions!

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