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Define constant leader line length for label tool?


I'm looking to create a constant leader line length across my labels. When I activate the label tool, the leader length (the length between the note and angled arm with an arrow, typically controlled with a control node), defaults to a rather large length - around 2' or so, and I'd love to default this length to 6" so I don't have to reset it every time I activate the tool in a new view. Even when this tool is saved as a favorite with a 6" leader, it still defaults to 2' when activated from the favorites palette. 


I've tried searching in the GDL parameters and 2D script and can't find where this length is defined anywhere. Thoughts?


Barry Kelly

The length of the leader line is not something you can set or save anywhere.

Only the angle of those lines - you can see that setting (Pointer Starting Angle) in the settings, but you will not find anything for the line lengths.


All you can do is place the labels with the 'Detailed' geometry method that allows you to define the position and lengths of the leader line.





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You can just dump all the labels down and if you want to line them up to one side of the drawing/ detail you can then use the adjust command, draw a verticals line with the cursor and they will all adjust to the same length to line the text up. 

Lee Hankins
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