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Generic Label 19 - Surface Area

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I have used the Generic Label to report the ID and the Surface area of a composite Roof. It was reporting about 2 times as it should. I created a Fill of the same roof and the (normal to plan) area reported correctly. Since the roof surface is pitched (only 1:12 in this case) you could expect the actual surface area to be larger the area calculated by a fill which is normal (or perpendicular) to plan surface. Yet is reporting a bit over twice of what you would expect.
Also if would be beneficial to have the plan area reported for rainfall area calculations and not the sloped surface area.

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Zoomed in to label and Area Fill area

Barry Kelly
I haven't looked at it but I am wondering if the surface is simply give the total for all surfaces - top, bottom and sides?

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David Maudlin

The parameter Value should have a selection arrow that allows this parameter to be changed from Entire Surface Area to Sum of Selected Surfaces, which then adds parameters for surfaces to be added to the total.

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David it looks as if you have different options available in the surface area.

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I was using AC19, yet the Library part was the Generic Label 18 from the Migrated library. I will attempt this using the Generic Label 19 with the adjustments you show.

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