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Long Schedule on multiple layouts

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When I make a Scheme with (e.g.) 5 colums and 100 rows, I want to make multiple layouts with the scheme (01.png).
When I use restructure table, the scheme will be neatly reloaded with the new height of the view (multiple tables next to each other in stead of one long table). Now the width is to big for the layout (02.png).
When i select split drawing on multiple layouts, only one table is placed on an layout with the width of that one layout (03.png
Is it possible to place the first and the second table (that is now on the second layout) on the first layout and place the third and fourth table on the second layout with still the automatic regeneration of that table?


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Second image

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Third image

Barry Kelly
When you split among multiple pages it will only allow one row or one column (depending on what you have set up) and will not use the rest of the available space on the page.
Graphisoft are aware of the issue.

You need to restructure your schedule and manually copy it to another layout - cropping the areas of the schedules you want to see on each page.

See this post for more info ...


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