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PDF Printing taking hours....


Hello all,


First post - please be gentle.


Small firm, all running AC25 (build 5010) and all versions and libraries are up to date. All workstations are M1 chip iMacs all connect to a NAS where our projects and libraries etc are stored.


With the release of AC25 we took advantage of the ability to output textures & materials in elevation etc (Image attached 'Forum_01'). We've been experiencing a problem on some jobs where the exported PDF set (Image attached 'Forum_02' and 'Forum_03') takes so long to print it stalls the system and needs to be cancelled, or the printer simply moves on to other jobs.


I have tried, with no success, several possible fixes...


1. I saw that the textures being used were stored locally on our designers computer and used in AC25 via the Embedded Library. I addressed this, I exported all relevant files from the embedded library to our textures library, deleted the originals and re-linked all surface textures etc. Re-exported and printed - no improvement.


2. The texture files that were being used were too large, with some files being 5MB and over. Brought everything into photoshop, reduced DPI to 150, reduced canvas size, exported as PNG files (all now in the hundreds of KB) re-exported and printed - no improvement.


3. Maybe there's too many drawings on one A3 sheet, and the individual page is 1.8MB. Split those drawings over two pages.... you guessed it - no improvement.


4. Searched the internet, tried all suggested fixes. Don't colour manage: no improvement. Print as image: no improvement. Reduce file size: no improvement. Compress images: no improvement. 


Has anyone come up against this fault before? Does anyone have any insight into whether this is a short coming in the software? Maybe the texture/material export is at fault? If anyone has any advice whatsoever - please, I beg you... share it with me.




BTW I use Preview and the results above reflect that. I don't have Acrobat.

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Thomas Nymann

I´m not sure whether this has already been tested, but one should definitely print/publish from the AC Publisher set, the build in pdf printer is very good at compressing, nad there´s some settings that can be adjusted... This usually creates much smalle pdf´s than the common pdf printer e.g Microsoft print to pdf!




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