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Partition Plan - 'IF, THEN' Logic to Colour Walls According to Type?

Hi there, I'm attempting to replicate a particular documentation method I used in my past life as a Revit user.


I recognise each program has its own unique philosophies and methodologies, so happy to be told to adjust my documentation approach. 


Previously I would create partition plans that had a 'IF, THEN' logic applied to the view so that each wall type would display in a different colour of our choosing. E.g. IF a wall used 92mm studs THEN it would display as orange. 150 stud would display green, and so on.


My company simply places coloured fills over the walls but naturally their position does not update when a wall is moved. Therefore I had wondered if the approach I previously employed when using Revit could be used to solve this issue. 


happy to be re-educated, and looking forward to hearing people's thoughts.  


Operating system used: Windows

Barry Kelly

You have given the solution yourself in the label you used for the post.


Graphic Overrides.


Set up rules with criteria to search for particular wall composite names and apply the override of your choice.

You can use more than one rule in a GO combination.

So it won't be a documented IF/THEN situation as such.

You just create multiple rules for the different walls and use then in the one GO Combination.

The order of the rules will affect how they are applied.


So research Graphic Overrides.



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