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Trying to put a text in front of the dimension.


Trying to put a text in front of the dimension.
But the only way I know is to select and input only the text of the dimension.
1. Can't I make it a favorite with text?
2. Isn't there a way to select only characters with the ctrl+F method?
3. How are you guys doing?

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11


Hi Lee,
Sounds like you are wanting the Level Dimension to have pre-set options for prefix text, so that you don't have to manually edit the dimension text after you've created the dimension set. (Much like the prefixes in drawing numbering of layouts).
By your example, I presume you are already familiar with the process of manually adding text before/after the auto-text of the measured dimension. I can imagine that only workaround is to use layers to separate them and then select batches to add a specific prefix to.

Could be a new feature to get onto the ArchiCAD Wishlist. 


In the settings-barr , there is an option called...Measured on the little arrow beside it and choose...Multiline-text.

Now you can edit that value in whatever you want. Just click in the Input Textbox, write your text behind what is written or erase it and write your own text.

Hope that it works for you. (see attached file).


Thank you for the reply.
The way I know now is to select only the characters one by one.
So I asked question 2 if there is a way to select even with Ctrl+F.


AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11


Hi Lee,

I believe that you do have to select 1-by-1, initially. But once you have a group selected (SHIFT-click each one), then you can type the prefix text once and it will apply to the current selection.

Unfortunately, in my experience, the Text Settings are Separate from the Dimension Settings, and you cannot use CTRL-A to Select All text boxes. (You can only Select All dimensions).

Labels and Label Text Boxes are similar in some ways. Maybe Graphisoft can develop some integration between Dimensions and Dimension Text Boxes for us.

I'm not familiar with ArchiCAD's methods yet.
Your advice gave me a little smile today.
Thank you.^^

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

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