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Vectorial hatching, can't change pen color

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I have a Cadimage wall covering that I use with a stone and lap siding. On one file, I was able to change the pen settings by going into Options> Elements Attributes> Materials and then change the pen color there.

However, on another file that uses the same walls, same Cadimage, same type of stone but I can't change the color of the pen. Even if I copy a wall from the file that worked and paste it in, it still won't work.

There must be a setting somewhere that's preventing me to change the color of the pen of the hatch.

Not an expert here, but I'd be checking the "Marked Distant Area" setting in the Section Dialog for uniform pen…
Dwight Atkinson

Stig Bengtsson
Are you trying to change the pen of a vectorial hatch in an elevation view? If your elevation is set to one pen for all uncut lines the vectorial hatches will have the same pen, or if the elevation has a distance defined the vectorial hatches will also be affected.
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Yes, I was trying to change the hatching in an elevation view.

I found the problem. The elevation marker was the culprit. The box was checked to define a specific pen color. Once unchecked, all the colors changed to the material settings.

Thanks for your help.

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I am having what I think is the opposite problem. I need my elevations to show in black and white, but not shaded.

I have looked on elevation settings, and then in layout book and it shows it in black and white but it is shaded and too busy. I could never print that and it not look like a blob or grey and black. I need lines only, no shading.

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JLKilgore wrote:
I need lines only, no shading.
Fill uncut surfaces with Nothing in elevation settings / Model Display tab

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GAHHH, it's always this one click thing that is hidden away or somewhere I can't find it. Don't get me wrong, I like that it's something I have overlooked but I stress out over it to find out, "oh, just click this."

Thank you!! Appreciated.

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