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Wall surface/treatment shown in plan




I am looking for a BIM parameter that could allow us to display a wall surface material in plan defined by a colour like this:




Right now the practice in our office is to manually draw 2D lines to display surface treatments, but this takes time and is a source of human error. Is there any way you could make this process more intelligent by defining a parameter within the wall and using a graphic override to display in plan? Maybe similar to how you can show the operating area of a door;


(English isnt my first language, by operating area I mean the requirement of free space from the door handle to the next obstacle)


I'm aware that the composite would display the material, but these plans are for treatment/finish, i.e. same composite painted in a different color etc.


Thanks in advance. 🙂

Barry Kelly

If walls were objects (like the doors) it would be relatively simple with a bit of GDL scripting.


You were on the right track with Graphic Overrides.

You can override the pen colour, line style, fill type of a wall based on certain criteria (like wall surface material).

But unfortunately this will not work either, as a Graphic Override will affect the entire wall.

So if you have different surfaces on each side of the wall, it will only show one override.


Also it doesn't add a coloured dashed line to the side of the wall it changes the actual wall.


So unfortunately, as far as I know you are stuck with manually drawing a coloured dashed line as you are now.


You could maybe achieve this with an add-on, but you will have to be an add-on developer to do this.

Actually you could possible utilise the existing wall accessory add-on (saves you having to create one).

But you will then need to know GDL scripting to be able to create a wall accessory object - that might be possible.

Not something you could do yourself though without learning at least some GDL.




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Alright, thank you for a thorough reply! 🙂
I don't know GDL scripting, so I'll hope for this to be implemented at some point in the distant future.

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