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best way to schedule fill areas when related to an elevation?


Is there a good way to take sf calcs from a fill on an elevation and tie it to a schedule to breakdown existing wall sf, new wall sf., demo wall sf, ect.  see attachment.  OR could i do it using a worksheet with the elevation overlays below and draw my fills over the elevation overlays and get sf.?    best way to schedule fill areas when related to an elevation?  thanks


Barry Kelly

Short answer - you can't.

The fills must be in the floor plan to be included in the schedules.

Only elements in the floor plan or 3D model can be scheduled.


So you could place the fills in elevation and then copy & paste to the side of the floor plan.

You will have to manually maintain them.


Or model the different walls/surfaces separately so you can get them directly included in the schedules.

Also look into 'surface' schedules, as they can be set up to schedule only the exposed surface of an element.

They may also be able to schedule the covered surface - I am not sure as I have never really used them.



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