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Hello to all of you ED* Beta Testers!

I've been reading through the forum and am astonished how far everybody got with their models already. I am only working on the first steps of the Energy Model Review and am hitting several walls. It probably does not help that our model is rather complex, but I really wanted to put the tool to the test.

So I thought, I might post the questions I collected so far here hoping that some of you can help me with this.

Sorry btw that it is so much at once, but I only got access to the forum today and am stuck at the moment, but eager to continue my quest.

Thermal Blocks:
2. What does ED compatible mean in profiles?
3. Should residential not be split down into different use areas? Why are all the profiles mainly non-domestic?
4. I seem to have a lot of areas that are purple, so uncovered areas, that I cannot resolve, e.g. in empty doors in walls, where I have a beam rather than a wall, in difficult geometries, where zones are underneath stairs for example. Can I assign something there manually or should I just ignore these areas?
5. Zone cannot be SEO’d to rooflights. So this area is not recognised as heat loss area I guess?
6. Can cold roof spaces be taken into account? Do I need to set up a zone with lower temperatures for that?

- more ways of sorting structures, i.e. by associated zone, by storey etc.
- add ID as column option
- option to edit column headlines, e.g. d [mm] instead of Thickness to keep them thinner and save space on the screen
- option to address every zone boundary separately
- ability to edit composites and materials in ED, rather than having to go back into the model
- Can a central material database be integrated by Graphisoft with material properties according to EN 12524 and DIN V 4108-4 and similar?
- If I backcalculate measured Infiltration of a refurbishment project at 50 Pa into l/s/m2 why does the Shell Performance data not add up? Is Infiltration in structures not at 50Pa?

1. Ceiling partly external, partly internal is not split, even if the element and zone is split? How to make ED understand that only part of the structure is losing heat to outside?
2. Can I manually change external and internal for the structures, some of my structures are clearly internal, but marked as external?
3. U-Value calculation done from composites, so suspended ceiling, which is first surface to touch zone has to be part of composite to assign U-Value, but how to model MEP in cavity and especially visualise in 3d, if composite has to be turned on and off entirely, so covering up MEP or not being there?
4. How to define party wall, if next door building has not been modelled?
5. Manual U-Value is limited in input, I want to put higher U-Value in and it doesn’t let me – why? – Gets higher with calculation, but model is at too early stage to have composites assigned…
6. Is the U-Value for floor slab put in in accordance with EN ISO 6946 and the ground effect is calculated automatically?
7. Can internal/external heat transfer coefficients be determined generally for different heat flow directions in line with EN ISO 6946?
8. U-Value is not calculating, even though I’ve added thermal properties to the material used, why not?

1. None of my windows or glazed doors show in the list, only internal doors and glazed roof areas

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