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Material Catalogue Editor

Adam James
Having fun playing around with the thermal bridge analysis tool but was wondering if the final version of ED* will let the user have more control over the materials catalogue and the thermal properties that are in the Material Catalogue.xml file..?

It would be nice to be able to edit the catalogue from within Archicad rather than having to play around with xml editing (if this is the way to do it at present?)

I also think it would be beneficial, from a quality assurance perspective, to add a user field to the thermal properties for each material to record changes to the properties that are made 'on the fly' as the design develops. Something like the attached screenshot. This would prevent decisions being made on thermal characteristics (values taken from testing of existing materials or a national standard) the origin of which may then be needed at a later date.

With ED* being marketed as the more professional energy evaluation tool for the more expert(?) user this functionality would be useful.

Also can anybody from Graphisoft tell me where the thermal properties in the existing material catalogue originate..? Is it from some international standard like EN 12524 or where..? Again useful information for quality assurance purposes...


AC18, Mac

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