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Is it possible to convert Archicad 26 gsm files to Archicad 25 gsm files?

I think I accidentally opened and saved a file in 26 a long time ago.
This time, when I tried to open this file on 25, it didn't even appear.
So I would like to know how to run this gsm file with 25.

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

Joachim Suehlo

You can use the LP_XMLConverter tool to do this.
I think, it is also possible, if you put the gsm into your embedded library of an AC 26 pln file,

then save the file as AC 25 project, while checking the checkbox of "convert library parts as well" (or similar).

Joachim Suehlo . AC12-27 . MAC OSX 13.5 . WIN11
GDL object creation: | the MVO driven zone stamp: flexi-zone-stamp

Thank you so much ^^

AC25 5010 / AC26 4019 on window 11

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