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ArchiCAD and creativity

Manuel Fuentes

Can someone tell me when archicad stopped being a creative design tool for architects and became so engineering?, a lot of mep, a lot of calculation, a lot of bim, and little design, the mesh tool is still as bad as in version 6, there are no simple ways to model a road (like old adds on that came out), they have taken away space for creativity, ease of use, and now it is a software full of complications, I have been using it since version 4.5 and I feel that it has been losing what it was , a software for architects, to design, to create.



@Manuel Fuentes I think your post is very clear, and having moved to AC about the same time I share your frustration. It isn't that AC has lost tools, it has just become over complicated with messy workflows and irrelevant aspects e.g the structural analysis tools which aren't easily hidden or ignored. The basic CAD tools and presentation are still dragging along like the day they were first released and some of the 3D Tools should have significantly evolved in capability and usability by now. A few years ago I used to tease my competitors about the speed of working in AC, these days I keep quiet because it seems to take so much longer finding settings, correcting presentation issues and finding work arounds to things that aren't working as expected, and that's with 28 years experience.

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