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Graphisoft User Group Webinar 2022 | 2nd Quarter - June 14

Amine Mseddi
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Dear Community Members,


The next Graphisoft User Group Webinar will be held on June 14, 2022. Two sessions are planned at 8:30-9:30 CEST and 17:30-18:30 CEST to make sure our customers from different geographies can attend the event.


During the sessions, themes will be around sharing and gathering feedback on our products updates, best practices and initiatives related to Learn and Community portals as we answer all your questions in a live Q&A.



  • Product Roadmap Update - 10 minutes, hosted by Janos Detre, Gabor Kovacs P.
  • Graphisoft Community Initiatives - 5 minutes, hosted by Gordana Radonic
  • Graphisoft Learn Initiatives - 15 minutes, hosted by Panteleimon Ioannidis
  • Q&A - 30 minutes


The event links will be accessible in the Graphisoft User Group here on Community, under the webinars' section. If you are not a member yet, please join via this link - if you do not have a Graphisoft Community account as well, follow these quick steps.


Looking forward to your active participation and valuable feedback.


Amine Mseddi

Product Marketing Trainee | GRAPHISOFT SE

Barry Kelly

I don't see any webinars being offered yet when I go to the webinar forum?




One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 27
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From the other thread:

AC26 ARM // MBP M2 Max // Twinmotion | Corona | Rhino

Hi Barry,

We updated the calendar in the meantime. Sorry for the inconveniences!



Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

Please think more about the future. Think more about sustainability. Think more about EcoDesigner Star for all users without any restrictions during the "road map" presentation.


The future in architecture is about sustainability! The future in architecture is about EcoDesigner Star! 

Martin Luther Jules
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Emre Senoglu

Glad to see that the Q&A is getting more time allocated.

AC26 ARM // MBP M2 Max // Twinmotion | Corona | Rhino

Gordana Radonic
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone, 

Thanks for joining the first user webinar session!

It was a fruitful conversation, and the feedback we got from you is valuable for our ongoing projects and initiatives.


In an hour, we start a new user webinar session, so check the details here:


Kind regards, 

Gordana Radonić

Community Manager

Kamil Dylo

Dear Graphisoft team,

this time I haven't been informed by email about the webinar. It is a pity I missed it. How can I stay updated about the future events?


Kind regards,
Kamil Wojdylo

Hi @Kamil Dylo,


You can still join our Graphisoft User Group and in the Webinar section you can subscribe:



This way whenever we add a new event, you will receive a notification on both Community and in email.


Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin

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