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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Tip of the Month, April 2024: Leverage Properties to deliver Schedules catered to needs

Have you ever wondered how you could have more precise control over Schedules text while still keeping the information automated? Our Tip of April comes from BIM consultant @Ricardo Lopez and our moderator @Barry Kelly answering a question that every other @architect (nice username, mate!) has probably asked.


Read along to learn a strategy using Element Properties that can help you fine-tune your documentation in Archicad. And if you are new to Properties, don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you to get started!


Introduction to Archicad Properties


Properties are optional, user-defined data assigned to an Element/Building Material to provide additional searchable information about it. To create and customize Properties, use the Property Manager (Options menu). Note that Property availability depends on the Classification of each element/material.


Property data types:

  • String: text or non-unit number
  • Number: non-unit number expressed in decimals
  • Integer: whole number
  • Area
  • Length
  • Angle
  • Volume
  • True/False
  • Tags List: tag or series of tags
  • Option Set: fixed set of options


Learn more about Properties and Classifications in our Archicad Help manual.



Now, let’s see the solution Ricardo and Barry proposed for customizing Door data to cater to special needs. In this scenario, we would like to personalize the text “R” that describes the door opening orientation for double-leaf doors and display “NA” (not applicable).




Start by creating two new properties for Doors (and Windows, if desired):

  • Add a True/false type to determine if the element is a double-leaf door and set the default value to “false”
  • Add a String type with a conditional expression as follows:
    IF ( {Property:Tip of the Month/Double Leaf Door} = TRUE; "NA"; {Property:Window\/Door/Orientation} )

Next, open the Door Selection Settings dialog, and assign the “Double Leaf Door” Property to “true”, like this:


In your Schedule, add or replace the “Orientation” field with our Property “Door/Window Orientation”:


As a result, your double-leaf doors will display “NA” for opening orientation, while single-leaf doors will still refer to “R” (right) and “L” (left):



Thank you to Ricardo and Barry for the collaboration and knowledge shared in the forum. The content above is based on this thread.


See you next month with another technical tip!


Graphisoft Community Team