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Offset border for keynote legend


It would be nice to have the option to offset the Keynote Legend border like a typical text box, by some "point" amount. So that the border isn't right up on the text.

James B

Hi @NateLumen 


Within the 'Text format' panel of the Keynote Legend, you have a setting on the right to set the vertical padding - for Keynotes and Folders separately.

Let us know with an example, if that doesn't achieve the right look.



James Badcock
Graphisoft Senior Product Manager

The vertical padding is exactly that. It doesn't control the Horizontal padding. The image below is with 2pts of vertical padding:


The below is with 8 pts of vertical padding. As you can see it doesn't affect the Horiontal /  left margin padding.


Highlighted in blue below, there is vertical text location. But if there was also horizontal text location that could be changed to "center" that would force the left side of the text away from the border or cell edge.



You can change the horizontal text alignment (left, centre, right) where you set up the column structure. Per column.

if you can show how you’d like the table to appear, we can look at that as part of future improvements in the object.


James Badcock
Graphisoft Senior Product Manager

Changing Column 1 to Center style works fine for centering the tag number, but it also centers the file name, which looks odd. But, it isn't too odd. 


It would also be nice to have a master title - like "KEYNOTES" or "GENERAL NOTES" above the entire legend. I tried making a master folder called "KEYNOTES", but the legend doesn't seem to know what I'm trying to do. Or, add allow a drawing title like we have for layout views.

Hi James,


I think ideally, we would be able to change text vertical and horizontal justification independently of border offset. We could center the text Left/Center/Right horizontally, and Top/Middle/Bottom vertically....and also, the object would act more like a drawing where it could have a border around it that can be 0pts offset (right on the drawing) or >0pts offset, so that there is an even gap all the way around the object (which appears like a drawing, schedule, etc.). See attached...


Also, the keynote legend seems more like a schedule than an object. Would it make more sense to have them stored in the view map instead of as an object?

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