Graphisoft Technology Preview Program 2023

Welcome to Graphisoft Technology Preview 2023!

Let’s make the next release of Archicad our best yet. As a member of the Technology Preview program, you can help shape Graphisoft products - by test-driving pre-release versions and sharing your feedback. Meanwhile, you’ll discover great new features, prepare your office for a smooth migration, and get recognized at the next Building Together event.

By joining, you accept the terms and conditions of the Technology Preview Program.

Read the Graphisoft Technology Preview Program Agreement.

What's new - Video highlights

View the highlights of the 2023 Graphisoft product lineup: Archicad 27, DDScad 19, BIMcloud, and BIMx. See why Graphisoft’s industry-leading building design solutions really are “Your best design option.”


Technology Preview runs from July 10 to September 15, 2023. Join now!

Language versions

We provide the Technology Preview products in: International and US English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Test drive

Try the new features in Archicad, BIMcloud, and BIMx! To join, all you need is a Graphisoft account.

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Who can join the Graphisoft Technology Preview Program?

Anyone with a Graphisoft account is eligible to sign up for the Technology Preview, even those who have just now created their Graphisoft account.

How can I join the Graphisoft Technology Preview Program?

Just sign in to your Graphisoft account, then click the Accept Terms & Join button. After that, you’ll find all related info, communication channels, and downloads in the Community’s Technology Preview Group, available for Technology Preview members.

Can I open my existing projects in the Archicad 27 Technology Preview?


  • Technology Preview version can open the same versions as will be possible in the full commercial version of Archicad 27: that is, projects from Archicad 17 and up. You will need to migrate your files and their data.
  • Technology Preview version can open Archicad files saved with Archicad 27 Beta (including updates)
  • Projects saved as Archicad 27 Technology Preview can also be opened by later Technology Preview updates
Can I open projects/templates/libraries created in Archicad 27 Technology Preview later in the full commercial Archicad 27 version?

Yes, the files saved in the Technology Preview version (including Teamwork projects) can be opened in the full commercial version of Archicad 27 on anyone's computer. We recommend that you double-check the correctness of your project before opening it in the full commercial version of Archicad 27.

Can Archicad 27 Technology Preview be used by students/teachers?

Please note that Archicad 27 Technical Preview is currently not included in our Education Program. However, we would like to assure you that students and educators are welcome to utilize the complete functionality of Archicad 27 Technical Preview with the same feature set as any other user.

After the Technical Preview season concludes, files created using Archicad 27 Technical Preview will require a commercial Archicad 27 license to be opened in the final version of Archicad 27. Alternatively, these files will need to be converted to the educational file format.

Furthermore, users who have employed features exclusive to the Forward version, such as PARAM-O or Redshift, will not be able to continue using them with their educational license.

Can I try Teamwork with the Technology Preview version of Archicad?


  • You can use BIMcloud SaaS for Teamwork with Technology Preview, without any problem
  • For on-premises BIMcloud setup, we will release a BIMcloud for Archicad 27 Technology Preview installer that can be used with your existing BIMcloud licenses, or without licenses as BIMcloud Basic
Can I publish to BIMx Model Transfer from the Technology Preview?

Yes, Archicad 27 Technology Preview enables publishing to BIMx Model Transfer. You can use your company storage, similar to previous Archicad versions.

What are the system requirements for Archicad 27 Technology Preview?

Archicad 27 Technology Preview maintains the same hardware requirements as Archicad 26. For additional information, please refer to our system requirements page.

Concerning the operating system:

  • Windows: Archicad 27 Technology Preview supports Microsoft Windows 11 and Microsoft Windows 10, with a minimum Windows 10 build of 1809
  • Mac: Archicad 27 Technology Preview support extends to macOS 12 (Monterey), as well as the latest operating system (macOS 13, Ventura)
  • BIMcloud for Archicad 27 Technology Preview is also supported on Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022

Preview's over... Now for the real thing!

Registration for Technology Preview Program is closed... because 2023 Graphisoft Product releases begin in early October!
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