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AC 11 slow library loading problem [strange]

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I need to know if anyone has experienced anything like this:

2 weeks ago a user here suddenly started experiencing really slow library load times - like 10 minutes or more for a library that normally takes 30 seconds or so. I did some troubleshooting and determined that this happened regardless of the library that was being loaded, indicating that the library itself was not the issue, but something was certainly not normal.

After further troubleshooting I decided to reinstall quicktime and amazingly enough it fixed the problem! Don't ask me why.

Now all of the sudden, 4 more users in my office have the same problem. Unfortunately, reinstalling quicktime does NOT fix it for any of them.

A few other things I should mention:

1. Although loading ANY library is slow, I'll mention that the library we are loading is a .lcf file located on the local hard drive, not on a network share

2. If a user experiences the library issue, they also have long rebuild times in the floor plan window. For example, deleting an element will take a long time to delete and then a long time to rebuild.

3. Although the majority of users here now experience the problem, it has not affected ALL users. 3 of us are still status quo, including myself.

4. All users hardware, OS, etc. are exactly the same.

I contacted my dealer about this and he has not heard of any other reports. I'd appreciate any suggestions on fixing this.

(and yes, I have deleted preference files, etc...)
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Hi Eric,

I don't recall how Windows handles QT preferences, but if any of the users are in a Mac if you haven't already you can try System Preferences > QT > Advanced > MIME Settings > Deselect GSM audio if it is selected.

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Have you found a solution to this problem. Our office is running Windows XP and certain individuals are experiencing the same problem. I did notice that some individuals are loading the entire application ArchiCAD 11 rather than ArchiCAD 11 Library.

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