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ArchiCAD 10 in Windows XP Mode (Windows 7 Pro)

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Hello everybody.

I managed to install my ArchiCAD 10 in the "XPM" environment on my Win7 Pro 64bit PC. The trouble is, that when I start ArchiCAD, I get the message that

"It's not possible to run ArchiCAD in a terminal service client"

As from our official swiss reseller's technical support, I have been told that it IS possible to install it in XPM, even though it is NOT supported officially by Graphisoft.
At the same time, I read on this site

that it is working seamlessly.

Where did I fail?
Thanks in advance!

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jimpap wrote:
yes, I have the same problem with 3D view, but it doesn't concern me much as I never work in 3D, I only check some things using that view.
Oh wow, quite interesting. You have the *same* issue???

Could you please specify your graphic card details (including driver version)?

It'd be interesting to dig a bit deeper into this weird issue.


PS: do you feel it's better to continue in the original "3D issue" thread, instead of this one?

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ATI Mobility Radeon HD5650, driver version 8.682.1.0, 9/12/2009

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I had the same problem trying to install 10 on my new desktop. I have it dual boot XP Pro and 7 Pro 64 bit. Xp works fine, but 7 would not finish the install, it would go all the way up to the point which folder it was going to be installed then it would fail. Then I read about the Java so I installed 6-21 and then I was able to install Archicad 10. Everything seems to work fine except 3D Open GL mode. The only time there is an image is when panning or orbit. I have the latest 7 64 bit video driver (

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Seems to be solved: updated (again) video drivers AND disabled "Aero Desktop"...

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