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ArchiCAD 15 will not start with Symantec Endpoint installed

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Corporate just installed Symantec Endpoint Manager 12.1 on all computers.
Now ArchiCAD 15 will not start.
program starts up to the startup splash screen and just stays there.
We have no way of disabling Endpoint.

Anybody know whats going on. corporate says they will check into it,
but it is not on the top of their to do list.
Karl Ottenstein
This should be on TOP of Corporate's list - or otherwise they shouldn't have rolled out Symantec Endpoint. Sorry, but they sound like they're pretty clueless if they think all workstations should continue to work by magic without their active support.

It looks like they need to do the 'monitor an application to create an exception for the application' step here:

I don't know anything about Endpoint... but if it also monitors USB ports, and you use a USB WIBU/Codemeter key - it may also be preventing the key driver from running, or preventing access to the USB port. Exceptions would have to be added to the security list for all ArchiCAD components including the license key drivers I would think.
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Laszlo Nagy
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Abouth 5 years ago when I bought my previous laptop, it came installed with a lot of "good stuff". One of that was some kind of eSecurity application, which was so secure that it prevented ArchiCAD from writing into its own application folder that it itself created during installation.
In my case I just uninstalled that bloatware and my computer never missed it, ArchiCAD worked fine from that point on.
That porduced similar phenomenon: ArchiCAD could never make it past the splash screen.

So preventing access to folders could also be a reason. You may need to check that too (or the system admins).
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I agree with Karl's comment

What version of Symantec Endpoint Protection are you running?

Make sure you are running the Latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.3001

Have you created any exceptions in the Symantec Endpoint Protection for ArchiCAD 15?

Check these Articles:

Creating exceptions for Symantec Endpoint Protection

How to create an Application Exception in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1

Creating Application Control Exclusions in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1

Hope that helps!!
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