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I have a query regarding hidden object / component display. For example I create a wall, place an object(s) behind. I know that there is a wire frame option in the 3D window but when I capture an elevation how do set up to
view hidden objects in dashed detail ?

Am I correct in saying that cut planes achieve this in plan ? Surely Archicad drawings can display hidden objects ?

Probably a simple solution?????? Thanks for any feedback

Gerald Hoffman
I don't know of a simple solution but the work around I use is to select the objects that you want to show as hidden and do a 3D view of them using the same 3D view you will be using as your final one. Marquee the objects and save to the clipboard and then copy them into the view you are trying to create. You can select all of the line and change them to dashed. If someone knows a better solution I would be happy to hear it.

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