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Mac Users: Do not upgrade to macOS 14.0 Sonoma before reading this...

Karl Ottenstein

macOS 14.0 Sonoma was released today (September 26, 2023).  Every year, a bunch of folks immediately upgrade and then start posting here about things that don't work.  Don't be one of those people 😀 Instead, first read Norbert Kucsma's official Graphisoft article on Sonoma compatibility here:


Edit:  See Norbert's message below that 26 and 27 are compatible today.  However, it is worth reviewing the issues in the article linked above to see if they will impact you enough that you'd want to wait for the next updates to each of those versions.


In particular, note in the article that Archicad 23 and earlier will not even start under Sonoma.  If you are still using 23 or earlier, please do not upgrade your macOS!



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AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.6, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB

Well… the Datasmith Plugin is Epic's responsibility so it out of GS control.

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Geoff Briggs

In AC26 I have experienced both the drag delay (or stretch, etc.) and text editing crash others have reported. I do not believe the crash happens every time but frequently. The drag delay is easily worked around by briefly hovering over the pet palette, or changing the PP selection.


Good news is neither appears to occur in AC27 although my tests have been limited.

Geoff Briggs
I & I Design, Seattle, USA
AC7-27, M1 Mac, OS 14.x

Exactly. Experience with previous migrations have shown that projects often throw up errors that are unnecessary and time-consuming to resolve.

We have several projects still on AC23, and 24 that we planned to conclude there. Has anyone been able to resolve this issue with AC23 on Sonoma? 


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We are a small company running AC26, hubby upgraded to the Sonoma and is now having problems with walls, drawing them, moving them and expanding or shortening them. Selection tool is not working, cannot see hotspot on walls and lots of other issues.


I on the other hand have not been offered the Sonoma as of yet and have not had these problems. Is there a work around since reinstalling the OS is not an option for us at this time.


Thank you


The only option is to make sure he is on the latest update to Sonoma (14.1.1 as of today) and the latest updates to Archicad.... and hope that Graphisoft releases the Sonoma compatibility upgrades ASAP.


The most recent update to AC 26 is the build 6000 (or 6001) Preview from last month.  If your husband doesn't have that installed, he should do so... modify the selection criteria on this page to match your local language version and if he has an Intel or Apple Silicon Mac:


For your Mac, do delay upgrading to Sonoma until Graphisoft has these issues fixed.



One of the forum moderators
AC 27 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.6.6, MacBook Pro M2 Max 12CPU/30GPU cores, 32GB

I have found preview update 6001 has fixed most but not all of my Sonoma related problems. The drag, select, and tracker input bugs appear completely resolved, but I am still experiencing some crashes when editing text labels. The exact pattern has eluded me but it always occurs when editing an existing label so I have avoided eyedroppering then editing placed labels in favor of placing empty ones and typing from scratch. And saving very frequently. Hope that helps. 

Geoff Briggs
I & I Design, Seattle, USA
AC7-27, M1 Mac, OS 14.x

It seem like Graphisoft always releases the new versions without testing the latest MacOS which is release to developers in June. They should stop making new versions for Intel Macs and focus on Apple Silicon only.


archicad 16.0 US, iMac El Capitan

I had read the Graphisoft article and had decided to upgrade one of the office units (a 27 inch 5K iMac Intel Core i9), with the consideration that the issues were minor.  However, we found that at least on that particular unit (this did not happen on other Mac units that we also upgraded to Sonoma), Archicad 27 would suddenly get visually stuck and sometimes would start generating all sorts of visual artifacts on screen.  Sometimes the visual response from the screen was totally stuck, however, Archicad would be working "behind the scenes".  For example, if we would save the file (using a keyboard shortcut), it would save it fine.  It would send/receive data on a Teamwork file, etc.


We tested a MacBook Pro unit (also with an Intel Core i9 processor) that had not been updated to Sonoma yet, and none of the issues described above would happen with the same exact version of Archicad 27.  We ended up doing a clean formatting of the iMac unit and returning it to macOS Ventura, and now Archicad 27 is working perfectly.


It is worth noting that none of those issues were happening on other Mac units with Apple Silicon processors and on the same Archicad 27 version.  On those units Archicad 27 would work fine and would only display the very minor issues that were described in the Graphisoft article on macOS Sonoma issues.  It is also worth noting that this would happen with the first version of Archicad 27.  Archicad 27.1 was just recently released, but by the time it was released, we had already formatted the iMac unit, so I do not know if this version has fixed the issues we encountered.

Hi, I upgraded to Sonoma yesterday and am experiencing issues. Ive not renewed my subscription to AC27 and am still using AC 26. Where do I get a fix for 26 solo?

All you can do is check you have the latest update (in the Help menu).

If not. download and install.

This may still not fix all the issues.

If not, then it is a matter of waiting until the next hotfix (don't ask me when).

Or if you can, roll back the Sonoma update.



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