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Resizing Organiser-Layout Editior pallete on a Mac

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I have this situation that I have searched everywhere for help on but to no avail; Can someone please assist?
My Organiser - Layout Editor palette in ArchiCAD 14 - is sized so when I move it to top of screen - the resizing corner tab for the palette - is out of view and totally off the bottom of screen;
How can the palette be resized so it can fit inside the screen area and then be re-sized as required in the future.
What allows the palette to be moved totally above the bottom of screen to be resized to fit in screen?
I am new to Mac - and hence - cannot find the answer anywhere.

Rod Jurich
Jeff, open your Work Environment and apply the Standard Palettes.
This will reduce the palette size, then resize as you require and
then REDEFINE your palette scheme in your WE to save your setting.
Rod Jurich
AC4.55 - AC14 INT (4204) |  | OBJECTiVE |

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You genius - Thanks.
I guess what with the day to day workings, not using the work environment settings says allot I spose.
Sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction - That did it for me.
Thanks again.
Thats all good now.
I have puzzled over a few days about it - but left it alone - till today.


Rod Jurich
archidevo wrote:
You genius - /....
No, not really, just some 16 yrs you learn a trick or 2
Glad to have assisted.
Rod Jurich
AC4.55 - AC14 INT (4204) |  | OBJECTiVE |

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Yes - fair enough.

I recall a comment once made by an ArchiCAD aficionado who said that "the einstein moments never stop".

Hope I can remember your tip when needed again.

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