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YouTube Channels and Online Training of different ARCHICAD Versions Cannot Be Used at the Same Time

Emoke Csikos
Affected version(s): 19, 20, 21 | Severity: workaround applicable/there is no workaround | ID: 231987
Info_18x18.png NOTE: it is planned to be fixed in an update of ARCHICAD


When you run ARCHICAD of two different versions at the same time, you can use the YouTube Channel / Online Training of only one of them at a time. You can use one of them with no problem, but when you try to open the other you get this error message:


ARCHICAD and the YouTube/Online Training application both need to use the same port number.


To solve the current issue we will make the port number differ between versions of ARCHICAD. This will be resolved in an update of ARCHICAD.


Run only one of the applications mentioned above at a time. You can also run the second from your browser.

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