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trimming walls to stairs

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i have a wall that needs to be trimmed to a set of stairs because it is pertruding through the bottom of the stairs. i also want to draw a wall along the edge of the stairs. can someone out there help me?
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How about the same problem in 8.1 version.
I've got circular shape stairs and i want the wall to be trimmed to its bottom surface... I've tried SEO and Trim to Roof tool .. but either I messed up with sth or its a difference between newer versions..
Pls help me... thats last thing i have to do to finish the foyer ..
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Stress wrote:
Try using SEO when trimming walls to roofs (subtract with upwards extrusion). If and when your raise/lower the roof.... the trimed wall will move/adjust with it (Unlike "trim to roof" in the wall settings).
I do that, too, but the only problem I've encountered with it is that the walls still show whatever the original height you built them at was in the info box, no matter what height they actually turn into.

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