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i have drawn a warren truss in ac9 and the truss is supposed to be 10-6 3/8 long constructed of 2x4's. i drew the truss and when i switched to 3-d it said "divide by zero at line 50 of file Warren Truss.gsm" asked me to stop or continue. then i continued and it said "library part was not converted properly(016)" again said, stop or continue. i continued. what does this mean and how can i correct it? the truss was drawn in as a solid piece with no webbing. somewhat like a solid beam.

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How did you create it? Did you draw it and save as a 3d object? Can you post a picture?


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I figured it out. The truss settings were showing 2x27 boards so the computer could not perform the operation. I changed this and it works now. Sorry it took so long to get back. I have Been in Mexico for a while.

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