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I have a friend whom has a sony pc and is having trouble with his 32 meg video card. It is obvious that we need a 64 meg video card, but I was wondering why it is giving us the result of blank drawing windows in plotmaker. It still renders in archicad and performs all the necessary functions, but this strange glitch in plotmaker. Any ideas? Australia, Pacific, DJ you up? Other than this piece the computer is set up nicely. pc, AC8.0 ,2.5 p4, 1.5 gig ram.

Ben Odonnell
What version of Plotmaker is it? Is it all of the drawing windows or just the 3D window?

If it is PM 3.0 and the 3D window is set to openGL, this is a known problem in PM. If this is the case you need shut down PM go back into ArchiCAD change the 3D window back to Internal engine open you layout book again, then every thing should be ok...

Ben O'Donnell
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