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Graphisoft Learn survey

Dear Community members, Improving our training and learning programs is an ongoing process that needs the valuable contributions of our customers and user community to be successfully achieved. This s...


Workflow Webinar Series

Dear Community members, We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new monthly Workflow Webinar Series. The webinars will focus on technical procedures using Archicad, presented by users from the g...


[Video Series] Discover Graphisoft Learn

Learn BIM, your way! Discover Graphisoft Learn is a new video series on YouTube that introduces the Graphisoft Learn Portal, its offerings, the team behind the learning courses, the Graphisoft Communi...


Hot topics

issues with exporting to pdf

Did anyone have ever experienced that archicad only creates pdf files with 0Bytes? I've tried to export a line drawing but every time I save it as a pdf file and try to open the pdf, it says:"Adobe Acrobat could not open "name.pdf" because either the...

helle Newcomer
  • 0 replies

Translate Pen Sets (Pens and Colors)

Hello everyone, We're encountering a challenge with our ancillary resources. These resources were originally created in an older instance of our template (out the box), and we've significantly reconfigured/customised all our resources in the years si...

Additional option for dimensioning components of composites

I would love to see an option to select additional component layer in the Dimension Details panel in Dimension Settings. In my case Other component layer is what I'm interested in. Right now we are able to select Outer Faces, Core Faces and Reference...

LucaP Enthusiast
  • 0 replies

Design Options webinar - Recording available

Dear Community members, The "Your Best Design Option" webinar is now available for playback. Click here to watch it. In this webinar, we went through the integrated Design Options workflow, showcasing practical use cases to spark your inspiration for...

ArchiCAD presission and tolerance

Hello, I'm learning ArchiCAD and come from a background of Rhinoceros expertise. I'm used to working in mm with 0,001 tolerance. When I model in ArchiCAD, while being careful of making precise snaps and 90° lines, I'm always getting small unalignment...

mohar Newcomer
  • 2 replies

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