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Graphisoft Learn survey

Dear Community members, Improving our training and learning programs is an ongoing process that needs the valuable contributions of our customers and user community to be successfully achieved. This s...


Workflow Webinar Series

Dear Community members, We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new monthly Workflow Webinar Series. The webinars will focus on technical procedures using Archicad, presented by users from the g...


[Video Series] Discover Graphisoft Learn

Learn BIM, your way! Discover Graphisoft Learn is a new video series on YouTube that introduces the Graphisoft Learn Portal, its offerings, the team behind the learning courses, the Graphisoft Communi...


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BIMx on Windows vs Android

I'm an Architect in Australia using AC21.I'm about to purchase a new Windows 2-in-1 style laptop OR an Android tablet, mainly to take to presentations, view PDFs etc on site, and use with BIM models saved from AC21.Is there a big difference between t...

Surafce Override saved in 3d views

Is there any possible way to save 3d views with different surface overrides for the same 3d model? For example, i would see a 3d perspective with all the plaster and paints; and other 3d perspective with exposed building material views.

vikass Contributor
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Hi, Is there a way to extract the parameters of a Surface/Texture from Archicad into GDL? My hope is one can see the parameters, somehow, of a surface texture and copy that detail to GDL code. It would enable a few more material definitions. An examp...

publish to same pln path

hey All,so im wondering if archicad has some sort of similar feature to autocad for publishing in the same folder/path as source DWG is at. eg. can i publish the pdf in the same file as the pln instead of browsing each time i want to publish. the rea...

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