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Let's create the first element: The Wall Tool

Ghaleb Khadra

In this quick exercise, you will learn how to create and edit a wall in Archicad. Follow the steps below to complete the tutorial.


Step 1

On the left-hand side of Archicad's interface, select the Wall Tool from the toolbox.

Now you are ready to place a wall!


Step 2

On the floor plan, you will see two red hotspots. Hover your cursor over to hotspot number 1 and left-click on it with your mouse. Move your cursor to hotspot number 2 and click again.

You have successfully created a wall!


Step 3

Let’s do some basic modifications on the wall by using the pet palette.

First, if the wall tool is still activated, press Esc. Then hover over your cursor and click on the wall.

Move your cursor on the blue reference line. By default, Archicad will show you the midpoint of the wall. Snap the point and click on it.

Now you will see the pet palette which allows you to modify elements. Make sure that Insert New Node option is selected on the pet palette. Then hover your cursor back to the midpoint of the wall and click.

Your wall will be divided into two parts.


Step 4

Time to create curved walls! Click on midpoint of the top part of the wall and choose Curve Edge option. Move your cursor to the right and type 1000 and press enter. Follow the same steps for the bottom part of the wall. 


Step 5

Now click on the 3D tab and see your curved wall in 3D window.

Congratulations! You completed this tutorial!

If you you enjoyed this tutorial, click on the button below to proceed to the next one.

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