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Moving Elements

Editing existing elements is an essential every-day task. Basic Rules The element you want to edit MUST be selected BEFOREHAND. Only then will relevant commands will be available. You can edit elements on the Floor Plan as well as in the 3D window. N...

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Get to Know Doors and Windows

In Archicad Doors, Windows and Objects are prepared for you and stored in small files that are organized in folders called libraries. The prepeared Doors and Windows are parametric objects which means you are able to change their hight, width and man...

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Navigating in the Project

Navigation in the ProjectThe Structure of the ProjectThe Pop-Up Navigator and the NavigatorTabs and the Tab Bar When talking about navigation, we need to address three different things: navigation in the project itself navigation in 2D navigation in ...

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Magic Wand

There is a special function in Archicad called “Magic Wand”. This function saves you work by finding and tracing a linear or polygonal shape from among existing elements and then generating a new element based on it. Magic Wand can be used in 2D and ...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M04_outline-Magic-wands.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M01_MAGIC-Wand-1.png wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M01_MAGIC-Wand2.png wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M01_MAGIC-Wand3.png

Snap References

If you want to find for example the midpoint of an existing element or you want to place a new element parallel to another one, use the Snap References. Snap References are temporary lines, arcs, and points that appear along with existing elements, t...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M02_snap.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_AEC_Ch03_M02_wall-snap.png wp-content_uploads_ac21_help_02-interaction_UserOriginSnap00021.png wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M02_Devision.jpg

Guide lines

Guide Lines are drafting aids, which help you find special points and projections, to ensure precise input in both, 2D and 3D windows. Unlike Snap Guides, Guide Lines are explicitly placed by you. They always remain in place until you remove them. Gu...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M01_Creating-Guide-Lines.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_11_ACE_Ch03_M01_guidelines.png wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M01_create-guide.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch03_M01_Creating-Guide-Lines-segment.jpg

How to Model Walls in Archicad

To be able to practice what is discussed in this article, it is best if you start a new project. Go to The Archicad Interface to learn how to start a new project. The Wall Tool Walls are one of the basic construction elements in Archicad. You can cre...

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Navigating in 2D

When talking about navigation, we need to address three different things: navigation in the project itself navigation in 2D navigation in 3D In this article, you will learn how to navigate in the 2D views (such as floor plans, sections, elevations an...

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How to Use the Find and Select Tool

In this article you can learn how to: Search for, find, and select elements that fulfill specific criteria or multiple criteria Store the groups of criteria as Criteria Set to use later How to Find and Select You can select multiple elements at once,...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M09_find-and-select-2.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M09_find-and-select.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M09_find-and-select-type.jpg GiovanaBenvenuto_0-1666783114117.png

Setting up Grids in Archicad

In Archicad there are two different kinds of grid systems that help you while modeling and drawing. The Construction Grid The Snap Grid. Using them is optional, you can work in Archicad without using any grid, but in specific circumstances, they are ...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M04_Grids.png wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M04_Grid-tool.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M04_Construction-grid.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M04_Customized-grid.jpg