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Archicad Basics Series

Table of Content Sample ProjectsNavigationPlace, Select and Edit ElementsInput and Drafting AidsMoving Elements If you are new to Archicad we have two series of articles for you to help you get started: Archicad Quick Tour and Archicad Basics. The Ar...

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What is BIM?

This article is a part of a series titled Archicad Quick Tour. The base of BIM (Building Information Model) is a digital 3D model of the building. It consists of walls, slabs, roofs, doors, windows and such, just like the real building. In BIM we als...


Archicad Sample Projects

Table of Content M2V House⎮residentialGino 16⎮commercial, interior designS-Life Express⎮mixed-useStacked Tower⎮residential, large-scaleVilla Patio⎮residentialHillside House⎮residentialS-Office⎮officeHow to start Exploring the Sample Projects?What's I...

Sample project.png

Archicad Sample Project - Hillside House

Residential⎮Hillside House Download the BIMx file Download Archicad 24 file (INT language version) Download Archicad 25 file (INT language version) How to use the Sample Project? VERSION: V1.2 │Date: 2020. 07. 08 │ Contact: sampleprojects@graphisoft....

apolgar by Graphisoft

How to draft 2D Elements in Archicad

Each Archicad project is a complex database consisting of the following items: 3D design elements: walls, columns, windows and doors, MEP system elements, etc. 2D drafting and documenting elements: lines, arcs, circles, fills, texts, labels, dimensio...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M01_units.png wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M01_UnitInput.png wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M01_line-tool-2.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M01_GeometryMethods.png

How to draft Arcs and Circles in Archicad

The Arc/Circle Tool To explain the different methods of how to create an arc, we now change to the Arc/Circle Tool. This tool includes two main Geometry Methods: Arc/Circle Ellipse. If you click on the icon and hold the left mouse button down, you ca...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M01_arc-circle.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M01_circle.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M01_circle-drawing-geometry.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M01_circle-drawing3-1.jpg

How to Select Elements - The Arrow Tool

In this article, you can learn how you can select one or more elements in 2D and what methods are available to do this. Table Of Contents What Selection Looks Like The Arrow Tool Selecting a single element Deselecting elements Selecting Multiple Elem...

wp-content_uploads_2019_11_ACE_Ch02_M05_wall_preselection.png wp-content_uploads_2019_11_ACE_Ch02_M05_wall_selection.png wp-content_uploads_2019_11_ACE_Ch02_M05_Magnit.png wp-content_uploads_2019_11_ACE_Ch02_M02_selection.png

How to Select Elements - The Marquee Tool

To edit or delete elements in Archicad, you must first select them. Methods of Selection in Archicad You have two ways to select elements: you can click on the element - use the Arrow Tool you can define an area around the element - with the Arrow To...

wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M07_Marquee.png wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M06_Marque-1.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M06_remove-marque.jpg wp-content_uploads_2019_10_ACE_Ch02_M06_marque-in-3d.jpg