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Archicad versions

Version Release Platform New Features Archicad 25 2021 macOS 10.15macOS 11.3Windows 10 Stair Tool Improvements, Library Enhancements, New Commands for Better 2D-3D Navigation, Expanded Design Freedom with Polygonal Openings, Surface Textures on Secti...

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Additional Improvements in Archicad 25

Archicad 25 comes with many significant improvements which enhance the overall performance. This article will talk about the Additional Improvements that will make a huge difference and hopefully will ensure a better user experience. 1. Line popup sh...

wp-content_uploads_2021_05_Screenshot-2021-05-19-at-14.37.22.png wp-content_uploads_2021_05_Screenshot-2021-05-19-at-13.22.14.png wp-content_uploads_2021_05_Screenshot-2021-05-19-at-13.50.07.png wp-content_uploads_2021_05_Screenshot-2021-05-20-at-15.53.42.png

Archicad 25

Duke Ellington School of the ArtsArchitect: cox graae + spack architects | LBA Joint VenturePhoto © Chris Ambridge Graphisoft® has released Archicad 25, the latest version of its award-winning BIM software.Powerful enhancements to design, visualizati...

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About Archicad Updates

What is an update? In between two major releases of Archicad, GRAPHISOFT ships improvements and new functionality for the software in the form of updates. These are released regularly and are available through the Check for Updates notification syste...

Archicad 24

Archicad 24 Signature building creditsMERDEKA 118 | FENDER KATSALIDIS | fkaustralia.com GRAPHISOFT® has released Archicad 24, the latest version of their award-winning BIM software solution.Archicad 24 connects design and delivery teams in a fully ‘o...

Archicad 23

BUDAPEST, May 14, 2019 – GRAPHISOFT®, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software solution provider for architects and designers, has announced the release of Archicad 23, the latest version of its award-winning BIM software solution.Arc...


Archicad 22

Archicad 22 was announced on May 2, 2018. Archicad 22 is focused on improving the architectural design and documentation workflow for building façades. In addition, it introduces significant improvements to its construction modeling, information mana...


Archicad 21

Archicad 21 was announced on May 2, 2017. Archicad 21 – Step up your BIM! Archicad 21 introduces the highly-anticipated Stair Tool, featuring GRAPHISOFT’s patent-pending Predictive Design™ technology. For more info see the product page. Step up your ...

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