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A small tweak in gdl objects to help us generate site plans easily


I had to create my site plans from axonomotric top vew 3D documents, then i changed to 3d documents from floor plan, and in both cases, i have to redo alot of details made in ground floor to show them in thesite plan,

i know there is a lot of techniques like superposing ground floor plan and roof plan , but i need a straight forward solution ,


my trees/ cars/ pergolas etc are  placed on ground floor, and set to be displayed on relevant stories, 


when i go to the rood plan , set my plan view range, objects don't appear, and this is due to the placed object gdl code ,

i just discovered in this topic Click here  that if "ac_bottomlevel" and "ac_toplevel" aren't set correctly in GDL-objects, they won't be respnsive to plan range settings


like you see here, the buttom level is set to 100, the toplevel is set to 0 


i reversed these values for a tree object, saved it, placed it on plan , and voila ! it responds to story range settings, 


i wonder why this isn't set by default ?? 


does changing these values affects anything that i'm not aware about ?? 


one more thing,  does anyone have a trick to show slabs on relevant stories / responsive to plan view range ?

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That is odd as I did not think that it allowed Bottomlevel to be higher than Toplevel...


Regarding the slabs, if you use coverfills on your slabs, you can set them to show on your upper stories / site plan and control them using you layers. Coverfills are required to conceal parts that continue under eaves ,overhangs and such. GOs can be used to change the pens.

There are a few wishes around for having slabs have a relative option...




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Barry Kelly

Personally, I just use layers and layer combinations for my various plan views.

I don't set up storeys for plan, site, foundation, ceiling, roof, etc. as many do.

One storey for each floor level and that is it.



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Hi Barry, 


I'm using the same technique as yours, 1 storey for each floor level, that storey contains all the building elements relevant to it, ( ceilings, floorings, walls, etc, )

i'm using the top storey as a site plan source view, by lowering my range view down to the ground floor, to catch elements set to " show in relevant storey "

this technique have a limitation , you should be carefull on all your walls visibility settings, 

if we got objects to be shown on relevant storey it will save time for remodelling / drawing elements for site plan , 


Personally , i create a 3D document from the top storey plan view, and i lower range view down to the ground floor + extra offset, to have good looking trees, i use 2D trees that have the same view in 3D : a flat 3D spline same as 2D representation , so it can be shown in 3D document as a 2D tree.same for all 2D elements that need to be shown in 3d document.

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@Lingwisyer wrote:

That is odd as I did not think that it allowed Bottomlevel to be higher than Toplevel...


It is! But it will just say to Archicad that it should disregard these values.

Consult this thread for more info, or this one.

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