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Archicad 27 USA Additional Surface Catalog - not compatible status?

We have an active SSA, and I've downloaded the additional surface catalog for Archicad 27 USA, however when I load it in the library manager it indicates the status as "Not compatible". 




Has anyone else had this happen and how did you solve it?

AC27 USA - build 4060
Barry Kelly

Are you sure you have the correct language version and operating system version.


With the catalogue file, there should be a 'version' file.

This is just a text file.

Open it with a text editor and check it is correct.


Mine is AUS language for Windows.





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Karl Ottenstein

As Barry said, it looks like you have the wrong catalog... not sure where you got one with that name?


My USA catalog is named "Additional Surface Catalog-27-USA-3001-1.0" and is 1.2 GB (vs the 800 MB reported in your Library Manager screenshot).


Did you download by using the link in the Surfaces dialog?


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I downloaded this from surfaces>new surface>new from catalog>click on globe symbol>download from website "Additional Surface Catalog-27-USA-3001-1.0"


I had some issues with the download, and it took a few tries. Then when it finally had downloaded, I had an error extracting the zip file although there were a couple files in the folder which gave me the "Not Compatible" status


I downloaded it again this morning with no issues and it extracted ok and seems to be working. Was it Monday yesterday???

AC27 USA - build 4060

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