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Depiction of gates over two floors


Hello Graphisoft community,


For larger industrial projects, we have high gates, which we would like to see on the ground floor and in the floor plans above. In one project we have an approx. 80 cm high base and a sandwich wall above it. The gate is drawn in the base and there is an opening in the sandwich wall. Normally, when I cut the upper floor, I only see the sandwich wall and the base as a plan view. So far, my workaround has been to only raise the base in the goal area, which is actually wrong from a structural point of view. Is there a better solution for this?


Mahmoud Qenawi

If I can ask you why you use opening while you already placing a door?

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Please place your images inline rather than as attachments... It's hard to follow when you need to keep opening different images...


Why not use a Complex Wall?


Either way, I would put the door in the sandwich wall and set the wall to show on All Relevant Stories.


"raise the base in the goal area"


I do not get what you mean here...

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Thanks for the suggestion with the complex wall. I will try it and hope that it works from the presentation. Otherwise I don't see any other solution at the moment. In the future I will also embed the images directly. 😉

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