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Embedded library problem

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Anyone know why this has happened? (see enclosed picture)

I've got hundreds of objects, with the same name but with a different number in brackets, placed only once. But I cant find them in the model.
Katalin Borszeki
Hi Lasse,
Based on the information you provided, we think this might be the reason:
If the .dwg was exported from AC with an override and the translator has " Convert Objects to Blocks" checked, every single instance is saved with this naming convention: (nameoflibrarypart). If this is the case, let us know and we will look into it deeper and record it as a bug.

If after such an export the .dwg is imported to ARCHICAD with the "convert blocks to lib parts" option checked, naturally these will come in as individual lib parts.
Let us know, k
Katalin Borszeki
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