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Flare Tip Log End Tapered Part

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I'm looking for an ArchiCAD part that I can use as a flare tip added to the ends of log posts, log ridges, etc.
Ideally, I can put horizontal, vertical, right side up, or upside down, and rotate on the enter axis for variety. The taper should go from the end, to maybe 8’, then it can transition into a straight log, but I need to be able to change the diameter of that log (and the associated flare tip). I'd like an individual part that can stretch to 40' but also use short for posts, or short as as the end of a log wall.
I've seen this part used in ArchiCAD, so I know it can be made, or maybe you have something similar.
Any tips or tricks, or leads on where to find it, or who can make it will be helpful.

Gravitas, Inc.

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